National Law University, Jodhpur

One of the premier law universities of India, National Law University, Jodhpur, has undertaken consistent efforts to promote an innovative and hands-on approach to the study of emerging fields of international legal discourse. It endeavours to produce exceptional lawyers and legal scholars aimed at pushing and challenging the existing boundaries of knowledge. Being aware of the need for developing a holistic approach towards understanding law and justice from a multi-disciplinary perspective, NLUJ has established several specialized centres of learning and research.

Centre for Studies in Banking and Finance

The Centre was established at National Law University, Jodhpur in the year 2002 under patronage of the Reserve Bank of India. In keeping with our institutional belief that knowledge is empowerment, the Centre is committed to exploring interdisciplinary perspectives on the national and international legal order and to promoting free thinking especially in the field of banking and finance. Since its inception, the Centre has tirelessly worked towards promotion of discourse about laws, rules, and regulations governing the concerned sectors. Having received immense support from the Reserve Bank of India, the Centre has been able to successfully organise essay competitions, conferences, webinars, symposiums and publish Scholasticus. These activities have enabled the Centre to help the students engage with professionals, academicians, scholars, etc. to gain a holistic understanding of the banking and financial systems in India, what impacts them, and how they affect other sectors.

Meet the Team

Professor (Dr.) Poonam Saxena

Mr. Anand Kumar Singh
(Chief Coordinator)

Ms. Navya Bhandari
(Deputy Convener)


Mr. Pratham Mohanty

Mr. Bhanu Jindal

Senior Members